FOr Youth and Young Adults Ages 14-29 

The "cash in
on your 

Do What You Love And 
Love What You DO!

Career Exploration Lets You Live the Lifestyle You Deserve and Get Paid For It!

FOr Youth and Young Adults Ages 13-18 

Need Help picking the right career?

The "cash-inon your 

How To Choose Your 
Dream Job Today!

Early Career Exploration Lets You Live the Lifestyle You Dreamed Of, Be Proud of The Work You Do, and Get Paid What You Deserve!

- Choosing Your dream job is one of the most important choices you will ever make.

- The wrong selection can have a negative impact on your life in numerous ways. (Financially, SOcially, & Emotionally)

- The "Cash-in" on Your Career "Passion" Challenge is full of resources to help with your career exploration, so you can CoMBINE YOUR PURPOSE, PASSION AND PROFITS AND choose The right career today!

- Here's Your roadmap to career success.

The "CASH IN" On Your Career "PASSION" Challenge Career Coaching Course:
It's Time Find You An Amazing Life Changing  Career 

Part#1: Complete

The "CASH-IN" On Your Career "PASSION" Challenge Career Coaching Course: It's Time Find The Amazing Life-Changing Career That Fits You!

($297 VALUE)

Finding a job that taps into your Passion, Purpose & A Great Paycheck should all be yours! Career success, less debt, and more money in your pocket can all be part of your purpose driven future to come. You are a rockstar, now it's time to choose how you will shine. Since you're the most important person in this challenge, we are going to show you the secrets to accelerating your career exploration path, so you can combine your passion with your purpose and pick a profession quicker! 

part #2: Download

The "CASH-IN" On Your Career "PASSION" Challenge Downloadable Companion Workbook

($197 Value)

Every Course Needs The Perfect Partner. This downloadable & actionable companion guide gives you the keys to supercharge your career path exploration so you can have the LYFE you were always meant to live. It's the rocket ship you need to catapult your career to the moon and back. 

The "CASH IN" On Your Career "PASSION" Challenge Companion Workbook

($197 VALUE)

Every Course Needs The Perfect Partner . This actionable guide gives you daily keys to super charge your career path and have the LYFE you were always meant to live. It's the rocket ship you need to catapult your career to the moon and back. 

part #3: Accelerate

3P' Quick Method of Career Exploration Coaching 
Our Surefire 3-Question System To Quickly Assess If A Career Is A Good Fit For You To Explore!

($297 VALUE)

Analyze if a career is worth your time exploring with 3 quick questions. You're on the fast track to a successful career after you complete the "CASH-IN" On Your Career "PASSION" Challenge. Now you just have to choose a great profession. Our 3-stage deductive system will help you quickly gather some of the most vital information you will need to begin to assess if a career will fit you socially, emotionally, and financially!


 BONUS #1: The CHALLENGE LYFE "CASH-IN" On Your Career "PASSION", Key Characteristics For Career Success Identifier Downloadable Flashcards
Get ahead of the game in any career field: Using our 12 Career Categories, this key will list the characteristics you need to get started in any career field. We will illuminate the gifts and talents you need to let your light shine. Whether you chose business, medicine, law, sports or S.T.E.M., there is nothing better than getting insider tricks of the trade to help you succeed.

($37 VALUE)

 BONUS #2: The CHALLENGE LYFE Quick 3P Method Downloadable/Printable Coaching Companion Presentation
You are about to change your life and have an amazing future. You will need a place to keep all your notes and to write down your vision. These are the actual companion notes to complement the training so you can follow along seamlessly.

($97 VALUE)

 BONUS #3: Live Career 
 VIP Access to the "CASH-IN" on Your Career "PASSION" Facebook Group 

We all need someone to talk to when we have career-related questions. Now you have a place where professionals who Love what they do can answer the questions you have while you "CASH-IN" On Your Career "PASSION!" You never know who might pop up in our Live Sessions!


Mariana, 17 years old
I was struggling to choose a career that fit my personality. I didn't know how the pick a profession at 17 years old, that would make me successful and profitable... 
Then I took The "CASH-IN" On Your "PASSION" Challenge, and now I know I either want to help children as a Childhood Psychologist, or helps animals as a Veterinarian.  With CHALLENGE LYFE I was able to narrow my choices down, so now I know, It's going to be a good LYFE!

Youth and Young Adult Career Building ages 14-18

"cash-in" on your Career "passion"

Take Control of YOUR Lyfe Now

Your DREAM JOB is out there waiting for you! Imagine doing what you love and someone paying you to do it. 

Do you see yourself going to work daily happy and fulfilled and then leaving every day feeling like you made a difference in the world? 

Whether you’re in High School or thinking of switching careers, the first step is always exploring what your TRUE PASSION in life really is!
We call it The "CASH IN" On your Career "PASSION" Challenge!

here's everything you'll get...

  • The "CASH-IN" on your Career "PASSION" Challenge Coaching ($297 Value)
  • The "CASH-IN" on your Career "PASSION" Challenge  Downloadable, Actionable Companion Workbook ($197 Value)
  • ​The Challenge LYFE Quick 3P Method Coaching: Designed To Help You Explore If A Career Is Right For You with 3-Quick Questions ($297 Value)
  • ​BONUS #1: The CHALLENGE LYFE "CASH-IN" On Your Career "PASSION", Key Characteristics For Career Success Identifier Downloadable Flashcards ($37 Value)
  • ​BONUS #2: The Challenge LYFE Quick 3P Method Downloadable/Printable Coaching Companion Presentation ($97 Value)  
  • ​BONUS #3: "Challenge LYFE" Exclusive Facebook Community Membership (Priceless Value)
"The key to success in the field of law is having a mentor to help guide you through the process, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel."


"Medical school can be challenging to navigate. This is why it's important to have a successful mentor to help you negotiate the best career path."


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